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Trustworthy AI Accelerators
for processing sensitive data

Generate data insights where you need them. AEON CX is the leading producer of low-power AI Accelerators your customers can trust. High-altitude to home. Agriculture to healthcare. AEON Capsules deliver fast tamper-resistant artificial intelligence untethered from communication networks and servers.

Low Power

Capsules are small in size, consume less power than other accelerators and operate without direct cooling. Lower power improves reliability and reduces ownership costs.


Secure attestation ensures data in use, at rest and in motion can be trusted. This unique technology ensures Capsules and applications are safe and have not been tampered with from data capture to insight.

Full Speed

Accelerate inference to state-of-the-art speeds using convolutional, recurrent or next generation spiking neural networks with AEON C5 or C7 Capsules.


Integrate trained ML models from familiar formats and develop other application components with AEON Composer. Our development tools and manufacturing service lifts the burden of low-level details.

Hyperspectral Surveillance
Forest Fire Intelligence

AEON Capsules power a groundbreaking bushfire mitigation solution. The new classification technology can accurately discover fuel hazards from high-altitude and alert responders faster than previously possible.


Engineered for Extremes

AEON Capsules are engineered for the extreme environment of Low Earth Orbit, hostile temperatures of the Sahara Desert and wet areas at home. Capsules provide customizable AI processor cores compatible with the RISC-V ISA. Their modular redundancy design features a rugged radiation shielding enclosure.

  • C1 series


    AEON C1 series provide an accelerated solution for cloud, browser and rapid prototyping. The series supports convolutional, recurrent and simulated spiking neural networks. C1 Capsules are a low cost option for data centres and edge inference applications.

  • C5 series

    FPGA and ASIC

    AEON C5 series are accelerated by FPGA and ASIC cores. The series operate at low-power and achieve state-of-the-art acceleration of convolutional, recurrent and simulated spiking neural networks. C5 Capsules can replace traditional GPU inference solutions.

  • C7 series


    AEON C7 series are driven by neuromorphic memory and the next generation in edge AI acceleration. The ultra-low power series delivers low-latency inference and training unconstrained by the bottlenecks often observed in conventional AI accelerator architectures.

The Capsule Advantage

  • Root of Trust

  • Application Isolation

  • Sensor Isolation

  • Proof of Location

  • Remote Attestation

  • Energy-aware scheduling

Augmented Reality Interfaces
Augmenting Your Abilities

Changes in health can be rapid and expert care isn’t always accessible. AEON Capsules drive an interactive mirror with the smarts to detect changes in health, fitness and wellbeing during your normal routine.


AEON Composer

AEON Composer is an integrated development toolchain designed specifically for developing safe, secure and trustworthy applications. Created in alignment with AEON Capsule hardware, it simplifies the system design and software development of Capsule applications.


The toolchain features an integrated development environment including compiler for synthesizing neural networks to target AI processor cores, debugger and software development libraries.


Capsule software is built on a heritage of real-world security and safety-critical applications. The development libraries couple NASA's Core Flight System with our GlobalPlatform compatible framework called Cosmos.


Accelerate neural networks trained with the leading deep learning frameworks. Composer can import models from familiar formats created with TensorFlow, Keras, MXNET, Caffe2 and PyTorch.


Provision custom AEON Capsules on-demand with Composer. Our production service evaluates application code and training data to safety standards and optimizes ML models for the target accelerator architecture.

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